This is how to cook Amala with Ewedu Soup

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How to cook Amala with Ewedu Soup
This is one of the Yoruba favourite food eaten mostly by the Ibadan people, they are famous for this food because it is noted as their best food.
It’s hardly to see Ibadan people that doesn’t eat the food constantly, l don’t think so.
Even myself that l am not part of them l crave so much for Amala best eaten with Ewedu soup.
Infact u won’t know when u bite ur finger when eating this delicious meal
How to prepare this meals
For Amala
  • 1. Pour some water in the cooking pot to boil for some minutes.
  • 2. After that, u can now add ur amala into the pot and start turning it with ur turning stick until it become solid and soft.
  • 3. Then u start preparing for ur soup, some people eat it with ewedu or egusi but mostly ibadan people make use of ewedu because it’s their favorite soup.
The Amala is of different types that is black and white (white is called: Lafun) and majority of ibadan eat lafun.
How to prepare Ewedu Soup
  • 1. Pour some water and add this Yoruba substance for softing the Ewedu Leaf (called Kan).
  • 2. When the water boiled, add the ewedu leaf and bring it down and start using a short broom to hit it until it cut and become draw.
  • 3. Put it back to attain heat.
  • 4. After this, the soup is ready for consumption with amala

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