How to cook Ilaje Soup like Ewedu and Pupuru

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How to cook ilaje food with their best soup
In ondo state, ilaje people have their most common food which is called Pupuru and this is best eaten with a black soup called Marugbo.
Wow! what a sweet and salivating aroma food. I tasted a certain time and u couldn’t believe l so much enjoy it that Everytime l wish l could come across it to cook it.
Let get back to where l stop, so the Marugbo soup is the best soup used in eating pupuru.
Although the soup look someone because it is very whitish in colour but when u taste it, you forget about the look of the odour.
My God l so much miss the food.
Then the Pupuru is a solid whitish food that is cook by the way u cook eba, semovita and so on.
The only different is that this Pupuru is so whitish than other solid food have seen and cook.
It’s just pure white, infact when you taste it, it just like pounded yam but to me l love it more than pounded yam.
Sometimes l ate it with vegetables and egusi

Steps to cook Pupuru

  • 1. Pour a clean water in a  cooking pot and allow the water to boil
  • 2. After boiling, add the Pupuru substance into the boiling water and start using turning stick to turn the mixture the way u turn eba until it has mix together and become solid.
Then the pupuru is done for consumption.
Ok let’s go back to our soup for Marugbo
  • 1. U will have to get some ingredients to achieve this such as Marugbo leaf, bitter leaf, peper, Maggi, salt, melon, palm oil (optional if u like)
  • 2.The first step is to take the leaf together with peper: marugbo leaf, bitter leaf, peper and grind them together with any choice of ur grinding machine either modern or olden grinding method
  • 3. After that, u have to pour little palm oil into the pot, then add ur blended leaf with pepper, add ur salt with ur favourite seasoning to taste, melon and others. Then u cover the pot for the soup until it get done.
Wow our ilaje pupuru and Marugbo is ready!!!
Enjoy the food with any drinks of ur choice and thank me later .
Thanks for reading and learning new method and my own way of cooking Ilaje Dish.

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