Check this my own way of preparing bitter leaf soup as a Yoruba Man

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Check this my own way of preparing bitter leaf soup as a Yoruba Man.

Hello today fans
I’ll be giving you very interesting story and tips on how I prepare and cook my own Bitter Leaf Soup as a Yoruba Man.
Now let’s go for it.
Step 1
You need to go to the market and get your Bitter Leaf as plenty as you want for as much as you can eat or want it to last.
You can also check your farm if you have one to get yourself some fresh Bitter Leaf for this soup.
Step 2
Now get your gas, stove or stick.
Anyhow you know to get your fire set just do it and let get started but as for me I’ll be making use of gas cooker.
Step 3
Get a bowl and put water into the bowl.
Step 4
Pour your Bitter Leafs into the water and add little salt to wash your Bitter Leaf and keep it clean from germs and dirty.
Step 5
Throw away the first water and wash the Bitter Leaf again to ensure it is clean and not sandy or having any black germs or dirty.
That’s is all about the vegetables (Bitter Leafs) preparations.
Step 6
Get your cooking ingredients;
1. Pepper
2. Onion
3. Tomatoes
4. Melon (Egusi)
Step 7
Now combine all the above listen ingredients and put them into a pocket or rubber.
Step 8
Take the ingredients to where you can get them grinded by a grinding machine to make faster and easier.
Step 9
Get your gas or stove.
As for me I am getting my gas cooker, so I will light up fire and put my pot on fire for at least 3mins to dry up and heat.
Step 10
I will pour my Palm Oil inside the hot pot and wait for it to dry little bit so the smell of the palm oil will be light and okay.
Step 11
Here, I will pour my grinded ingredients inside the hot fried palm oil and let it cool or boil for a little period of time.
Step 12
Adding the following;
Now take any of the above listed stocks that is available with you and add to the ingredients cooking on fire.
Step 13
Adding the Bitter Leaf (Ewuro)
Now take your Bitter Leaf and add to the soup on fire and turn it around to make everything go into places.
Now add little Salt and Maggi to the soup.
Then add little water to the soup on fire and cove the pot for few minutes to get the soup done.
After that check your soup and make sure it is done and ready to eat.
That is how I cook my own Bitter Leaf Soup (Ewuro Soup) as a Yoruba Man.
I hope you have learnt something new today and how to cook like a woman been a Yoruba Man.
Thanks for reading.

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